Our extensive experience in the healthcare field includes projects in a diverse range of uses such as Primary Medical Care, Specialty Medical Care, Dental, Healthy Lifestyles and ground up medical buildings. Design specifics vary to address the service provided by each medical discipline, patient volume, and medical equipment requirements specific for each specialty. Each project is planned to promote efficient patient management, allow physicians to practice according to their specific philosophies of treatment, and provide secure, uplifting environments that encourage patients to focus on good health.

We found the professionalism we were longing for when we found your firm. I knew from my first meeting with Crystal Luong that we were in good hands. She made our experience incredibly positive by meeting deadlines, being detail oriented, and always providing prompt responses. Thank you for all of your work; it’s truly been a pleasure.

— Dr. Jason Mussman and Pooneh Mussman, Advanced Aesthetic Associates
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  • Banner Pediatric Specialists

  • Blue Orthodontics

  • Desert Ridge Family Physicians

  • Blue Orthodontics

  • Desert Ridge Family Physicians

  • Regency Dermatology

Our Tenant Improvement Process

We've served lots of great clients in our 40+ years in business, including:

  • Abrazo Community Health Network
  • Arizona Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates, P.C.
  • Arizona Center for Cancer Care
  • Arizona Kidney Disease and Hypertension Center
  • Arizona Pain Specialists
  • Banner Health
  • Canyon Physical Therapy
  • Desert West Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ltd.
  • District Medical Group
  • East Valley Gastroenterology and Hepatology Associates, P.C.
  • English Dermatology Centers
  • HonorHealth
  • OrthoArizona Mezona Orthopaedic
  • Sonora Quest Laboratories
  • Terros, Inc.
  • Western Vascular Institute

Sonora Quest Laboratories has worked with KQ Architects for many years now. Through our relationship, they have developed a great understanding of our needs and can design new locations for us after brief discussions and with any special considerations taken into account. Plans and revisions are always prepared quickly and they work closely with our contractors to provide a great finished product.

— Barbara Davis, Director, Patient Services Division, Sonora Quest Laboratories

We used KQ for design/architecture of our Gilbert office.  We felt they were fantastic and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them or use them for our next project.

— Jason E. Lake, M.D. , OrthoArizona, Mezona Division

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Tenant Improvement (TI) Project?

    Tenant Improvement projects are the customized alterations a building owner makes to rental space as part of a lease agreement. We work closely with Owners, Tenants and Staff to design spaces that meet the needs of each particular Tenant.

  • How does the design of my project begin?

    The design process begins with a meeting or phone conversation between the Client and the Architect. This allows the Architect to better understand the Client’s practice and project goals. The series of diagrams to the right provide an example of the process for developing preliminary floor plans.

  • Will your firm provide a proposal that itemizes the services and costs for my project up front?

    Yes, all projects begin with a determination of what the appropriate Architectural Scope of Services will be for your project. A proposal is then provided which outlines the services and costs for the project. The project begins when this agreement is signed by the Client as authorization to begin the services outlined in the proposal.

  • What is included in the Architectural Scope of Services for a typical project?

    Although each scope of work is unique, generally Space Planning and preparation of Construction Documents are included. Services extend through city approval for the building permit.

  • Is engineering included in the Architectural Scope of Services?

    Engineering services typically include Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Design and Construction Documents. In most cities, Fire Protection Design (Fire Sprinkler and/or Fire Alarms) is handled as a separate permit by the City’s Fire Department and is obtained by the Contractor, however for some cities it is required to be a part of the Architectural Scope of Services.

  • How long does it take to obtain a Building Permit from the City to proceed with the construction of my project?

    The time required for the City’s Plan Review process varies and is dictated by each City’s current staffing and workload. The City’s Plan Review process customarily consists of two submittals, allowing us to address city requirements and comments unique to each project. Some cities offer alternate methods of permitting, which may provide an expedited permit process.

  • Is KQ approved to participate in any of the local Self-Certification programs?

    Yes, KQ is an authorized participant in the Self-Certification programs available through the cities of Phoenix, Peoria and Surprise. This means that projects in these jurisdictions may be permitted through the Self-Certification Program for each city. This replaces the standard plan review process and greatly reduces the time required to obtain your Building Permit from the City.

  • Are there any services not normally included, that may be needed to complete the drawings and obtain the Building Permit?

    Yes, each city has different requirements, and may require additional services. Some examples of supplemental services that may be required by some cities for a project are: preparation of reports by the Engineers demonstrating compliance with the Energy Conservation Code, X-Ray Shielding, Structural Engineering for special loading or support situations, etc.

  • What other services are available for my project?

    Although our basic services are focused on the design of the project through city approval for the building permit, the Client may have a need for other services. Some examples of services that you may need or desire are Finish Selection services, assistance with bidding, Construction Administration, etc. The total level of service will be tailored to your meet your needs.

  • How is Construction Administration handled when my project is under construction?

    Construction Administration/Observation service is available to the extent requested. Our suggestion for a minimal level of Construction Administration service would consist of two on-site meetings with you and your Contractor. The first on-site meeting would be held at the project “rough-in” stage, prior to installation of drywall, to review locations of electrical receptacles, plumbing, backing for mounted equipment, etc. The second on-site meeting would be held at project completion for a final walk-through with a Punch List to follow. We are also available to review monthly Contractor Applications for payment on your behalf.

  • What are reimbursable expenses and how are they handled?

    Reimbursable expenses are out-of-pocket expenses paid on your behalf to keep the project moving forward. These include items such as reproductions, delivery of documents, mileage, review fees paid to building authorities, etc. These expenses are billed to you monthly at cost plus our current administration fee.

  • Do you offer Interior Design services?

    Interior Design services are not part of our initial proposal, however we can assist you with Finish Selections. These services would be tailored to your specific needs and may include such items as color selections, specialty millwork design, specialty lighting, signage, etc. along with associated time for meetings and coordination.

  • To what extent can a Healthcare project be designed "Green"?

    We always consider energy efficiency and sustainable practices when designing a project. Passive day lighting, low-volume plumbing fixtures, and efficient light fixtures may be considered to reduce costs in the long run. Recycled or renewable finish selections help reduce the environmental impact of your project, and effective design ensures minimal construction waste, both now and in the event of future remodeling. Well-engineered mechanical and electrical systems ensure efficiency and longevity of equipment, and also provide optimal conditions for users. We are happy to discuss these items with you when determining the needs for your project.

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